I Am Enough!

Hello anonymous reader……..it’s been a while since we talked! I have no good excuse. So instead of making one up I’ll just start writing!

I had a great summer of small trips into the city to see a few shows and The Skivvies.  I wrote curriculum and went to places outside my comfort zone! I deepen a few relationships and celebrated a “big” birthday surrounded by beautiful people.

Recently, I started a new part-time job. It’s in the retail world so you can only imagine this time of year!  Well, I can honestly say that it bought me back to traditions.

When you work in retail, you can’t ignore that it’s Christmas! You are surrounded by the sights and sounds.  I felt I always celebrated but on my terms. Since my dad passed away, I have not put up a tree. My trees were not traditional……ranging from pink feathers to a dress form. I was being eclectic.  But I was also pushing away my traditions.

This year was different! Maybe it was the birthday. Or maybe the bombardment of Christmas at the store.  Maybe it was a kindness shown to me from a FB post of a stranger.(more about that later)  But all of a sudden I wanted my tree. My family tree. Up and decorated!

So last Sunday I bought it up from the cellar and put it up! Some lights didn’t work but most did and it stood proudly in the living room once again!

A friend recently said to me that sometimes we need to leave what we have known for a time. We do other things. And then, when we are ready, we return.

Then it hit me! I am enough! I can decorate my space to bring ME joy! I don’t need to do it for anyone but me! I AM ENOUGH!

So dear anonymous reader I wish you also know that truth…….