Recently I had a conversation with a relatively new friend.  She said to me “you spend WAY more time with the people who you work with then I ever could!” I capitalized the letters of way because she really emphasized this word.  It got me thinking about friends.  Is it weird that a lot of my friends come from my work place? 

I always was lucky to have friendships in my life.  Looking back, my friends have been closely related to my interests or where I was in my life.  When I was in school, friends were in my classes or clubs. In college, they came from my lab partners.  When I started working, the jobs I had.   As I changed, friends did too. Some friends I let go of as I got further away from that place in my life. Yet, others remained part of my life and very dear to me! 

I don’t think  it’s that weird, now that I’m at my “forever” job, my friends surround me every day.  My friends are part of the reason I love to go to my job every day.  We laugh, cry, fight and laugh some more! We party, go on trips, celebrate holidays and generally share our life’s moments.  I think it’s only natural the I do things I enjoy with my “work” friends.  I think of them as an extension of my family!

So, anonymous reader, I believe that if you are lucky enough to have friends wherever they come from consider yourself blessed! I know I thank the universe every day for putting the right people in my path! 


One thought on “Friends 

  1. As one of your “work” friends I completely agree with you! Having friends at work adds to the reason we go to work each day! We live in and around each other’s stories and that defines friendship. And I also love how you mention that path we are each on and how it leads us to people we care about.

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