The Skivvies make me smile!

There are many times when I come home from a Skivvies show and I am I awe!  First, my friendship with my talented friends has me often wonder how these things happened to a girl from Jersey!  That is something to ponder for another blog post!!! 

The talent that I am privileged to witness blows me away! These 2 individuals are so accomplished. They make what they do seem easy! They sing, play too many instruments to mention and banter in a timed dance of comedy.  

I have shared my love for this remarkable duo with many friends over the past few years. All have become fans which also makes me smile!!! 

Tonight though I learned how performers sometimes have rug taken out from under their feet.  30 minutes to show time, the skivvies were told the rules they needed to follow to adhere to campus regulations.  What to do? You do it! Did that particular audience know anything was changed? No! The audience had a fun, fabulous time and never missed what wasn’t performed. Why? Because the performers didn’t dwell on the negative.

Lesson learned! Let go of negativity and things that could bring us down! Focus on putting best foot forward and positivity!

So dear anonymous reader, positivity keeps the journey fun even when negative situations arise!



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