What happened to the week?

Today is April 1st.  A day that we call April Fools Day. I was so glad to not be in school today because I hate feeling the pressure to be funny! I can’t be funny on command! 

Anywho……I woke up this morning in a “blue” sort of mood.  Couldn’t really shake the feeling that something was wrong. Nothing was mind you except that today was officially the last school day of break.  I don’t count weekends of breaks because everyone is off and it’s not special! 

I did nothing exciting over break! I got the car inspected, cut the grass, laundry, and some shopping…….nothing to write in a blog! Lol! 

Anyway, I decided, around 2:30 to do something! So I went to take a walk at a park. I went there earlier this week with a friend for the first time. It was fun and I figured it would make me feel that I didn’t waste the last free day.

As I was walking the same path I had taken a few days ago with my friend, it occurred to me that I never saw anything I was looking at today.  It freaked me out! I panicked that I was not on the right path, I was going to get lost, I would never be seen again.  I got hold of myself because I could see the barn where I parked, many people were walking the path with babies and doggies and I was listening to my music on my phone!!! Nothing bad was going to happen. 

All of a sudden, I realized something. You can walk a path and see something different each time.  You just need to keep moving forward when things get scary, wait for the next turn or your favorite song to come on your playlist and your attitude changes! 

I need to remember this, dear anonymous reader, to help me get through those “blue” moments and DANCE!!!!


2 thoughts on “What happened to the week?

  1. So true, Kathy my dear! I notice new things on my same drive to work and think, hmm, is that new? I think the other important thing in your post is that things will feel and look different depending on if we are alone or with others. Neither is better or worse, they are just different! Great post!

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