What is persistence?

Persistence is a word that many people use to describe a person who won’t give up. Sometimes the person is thought of as a hero. Sometimes a fool.   But usually it’s a story that is told to clarify a situation. 

I think of myself as a very persistent person.  Sometimes it’s just my stubborn Italian/Irish background that won’t let me give up.  Like today, when I couldn’t get into my garage because of a power issue. I kept trying different avenues until finally the garage door opened and I could cut my lawn! But sometimes my persistent nature is the voice in my head telling me to prove it to the world. 

Now before you get nervous, hear me out.  The voice in my head is usually the voice of my Dad! When he was alive, we would butt heads on many things. Politics, religion, love, life……everything was fair game! He was always pushing me to defend my position. It was infuriating! 

Many times we wouldn’t speak for days after an argument.  But as I grow older, for better or worse, he is the voice in my head pushing me to do better! I know now that he was teaching me a lesson. My voice mattered! My thoughts mattered! My reasoning mattered! That last sentence being the most important. The reasons behind persistence is what matters. What are thoughts if they are empty and can’t be defended by you the believer? You are just a “talking head” devoid of thoughtful opinions. 

So, dear anonymous reader, be PERSISTENT! You may get your lawn cut. But even better, you may find out that you are living with a purpose!


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